HID Masters 55W H7 LED Bulbs


HID Masters 55W H7 LED Bulbs

These are our most innovative product to date.

Our LED Headlight bulbs have been developed with an elite team of engineers to provide a powerful light output and increased light performance. Where other light systems fall short, our LEDs exceed in light output, longevity, performance, and clarity. Our team of engineers have redesigned the heat sinks, upgraded the fans for less noise along with more cooling, and made sure to place the LED strip where the stock traditional filament sits to provide perfect light output in all OEM housings. Unlike a traditional HID kit these are perfect for all-weather environments. Our LED bulbs bring greater overall visibility while creating no increased light scatter or blinding towards oncoming traffic and pedestrians.


Aluminum metal heat-sinks with cooling fans

Ball bearing cooling fans

Adjustable bases for full adjustment.

15000 Lumens

55 Watts 12-24 Volts

Sold in pairs with a 2 Year Warranty


Professional installation is recommended, certain vehicles may require an LED Decoder.