HID Masters 35W 881 LED Bulbs


HID Masters 35W 881 LED Bulbs

These kits are an affordable yet durable direct fit LED upgrade designed to last.

We understand that sometimes it isn't feasible to buy the most expensive product, which is why we've come out with our medium grade line. Heat isn't ideal for LEDs, and our kits are designed with that in mind. We've made sure to add a ball bearing fan in our LED light kit, however we've changed this product to a lighter platform by using a cast metal form instead of a fully forged housing. The aforementioned upgrade decreased the weight by 55% compared to our top of the line product. This LED bulb kit utilizes our original design which our engineers optimized to make sure the bulb filament stays in the factory location ensuring correct light output in any factory housing. They are a direct fit, plug and play addition which makes it easier for any professional shop to install. 


Aluminum anodized gray metal heat-sinks

Ball bearing cooling fans

8000 Lumens

35 Watts 12-24 Volts

Sold in pairs with a 1 Year Warranty


Professional installation is recommended, certain vehicles may require an LED Decoder.