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PRESTIGE: The Morimoto Elite System is renowned for having earned a place among the aftermarket’s most impressive sets of HIDs. Kits include a collection of perfectly matched components that offer superior low beams, high beams and H8 HID fog lights on a variety of different cars and trucks. You might be able to find a less expensive solution out there, but you’ll be hard pressed to come close to the quality, ease of use, and long-term reliability. 

OPTION UP: The Morimoto H8 HID kit can be configured to your specific projects. 

XB BALLASTS: Not all ballasts are equally up to the task of igniting and continuously operating an HID system. Enjoy exceptional luminosity and smooth, radio-interference-free performance with your choice of Morimoto XB35 AMP or XB55 AMP ballasts. A DSP 3.0 circuit on the inside provides enhanced reliability as well as improved input and output efficiency, while an industrial-edge exterior is a thing of beauty in the eyes of lighting geeks like us. Fast warming, protected from moisture damage, extremely functional, and attractive — if these XB ballasts don’t get the job done for you, nothing will.

H8 HEADLIGHT BULBS: These XB HID bulbs are designed with a perfectly aligned 100% Philips Quartz glass capsule that encloses around high-quality halide salts to produce the clear, powerful, and unwavering light Morimoto Elite Systems are known for. We put these beauties up against the best the market has to offer, and few other bulbs could match their luminosity. It’s not an illusion or a mirage — you’ll actually be seeing everything on the road at night and in darkest driving conditions.

UPGRADE HARNESS: If you’re going to upgrade your vehicle’s lighting system with a top quality H8 headlight/fog light kit, you might as well go the extra mile and ensure the wire harness is up to snuff. Believe us, if you’re driving around with a cheap harness, sooner or later, the only thing you’ll be seeing in front of your car is darkness. Morimoto harnesses are built to go the distance with sealed double 40A relays and 14-gauge stranded copper wire that looks just like OEM. Best of all, all of its connections are plug-n-play with no additional modifications, so it works with your original cabin controls out of the box.

CANBUS WIRING: A Morimoto Standalone Canbusharness is recommended when working on European vehicles that show an error display on the dash when retrofitted with your typical wire harness. Smart technology including a series of capacitors and resistors is used to bypass “bulb out” warnings, fooling the vehicle into thinking no changes have been made to its lighting system.



  • SIZE: H8 Low Beams, High Beams, Fog Lights
  • HEADLIGHT TYPE: Projector or Reflector


  • BALLAST OUTPUT: 85V AC 35W or 50W
  • BALLAST MAX. V: 25kV (at start-up)
  • 35W RATED LIFESPAN: 2,500 hours
  • 50W RATED LIFESPAN: 2,000 hours
  • 3000K BULBS: Golden Yellow ~2800lm (each)
  • 3800K BULBS: Halogen White ~3000lm (each)
  • 4500K BULBS: Warm White ~3500lm (each)
  • 5500K BULBS: Pure White ~3400lm (each)
  • 6500K BULBS : Cool White ~3200lm (each)
  • 50W BALLASTS: (+20% intensity) (-20% lifespan)(-1000K color)