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PROFILE PERFORMANCE: It's not like LED bulbs in the automotive world are a new thing, but these guys are coming in hot and packing a serious punch with the new Peak series. While the rest of the industry is busy standing still with the same-old same-old; Profile is working hand-in-hand with the industry’s experts to deliver the performance that we all expect. Lucky for us they're doing it in style too because these bulbs look awesome, and thats why [compared to allllllll the other choices out there] they deserve the slot in our catalog and the space on our shelves.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: We're not full of shit like everybody else trying to sell you their “8th gen bulbs with 50,000 lumens” so let's just get this one out of the way. It doesn't matter if you spend $25 on eBay or $1000 on a pair of LED headlight bulbs made from gold: LED powered headlight bulbs aren't as capable as HID and thats all due to the physics behind how headlight optics really work. BUT....A) They certainly do have their advantages, and B) there is certainly a big difference between the crap out there and the latest and greatest.

SIMPLICITY: The Peak LED bulbs are insanely easy to install. There are no bulky ballasts to mount. No relay wire harness to run. And thanks to the uniquely small size of the cooling mechanism; no housing cap fitment issues or extensions to deal with. Unplug the old bulbs. Plug in the Peak bulbs. Power on! Instant intensity!

OUTPUT: When it comes to LED headlight bulbs, This is what separates the men from the boys. The Peak's dual-sided PCB is only 2mm thick, which allows the opposed LED's to be positioned so close to the center of the bulb, therefore in the right position to focus properly in your headlight optics. The new CSP (Chip Scale Packaging) LED's provide greater lumen density than individual chips. Long story short: The Peak has a lot of intensity packed into their sweet spot = more light on the road for you!

RELIABILITY: The Peak headlight bulbs utilize a copper heat pipe to draw the high temps away from the LED chips and down towards the fan in their base. The turbine fan helps to actively cool the copper heat sink by drawing cool air in and exhausting hot air out of each side. This design minimizes static pressure and stress on the system, and compared to passively cooled setups without fans; works much more effectively to keep the bulb performing at its Peak. On the other hand if you want a bulb that wont last long: go buy one of those designs with giant flaps hanging off the back. Those will draw hot air from the engine compartment into the bulb and should be good for a few weeks or so. Doh!

DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS: These bulbs are capable of running on anything over 8V, so if your vehicle uses a low voltage daytime running light, they can run at a lower intensity. If the vehicle uses a PWM (pulsing) type daytime running light (or low beam) then you will still need the optional anti-flicker adapter to avoid issues.


  • LED BULBS: 2x Profile Peak H11
  • DRIVERS: Integrated Drivers w/ H11 Inputs
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years
  • EXTRAS: Profile Decal


  • LOW BEAMS: H11/H11B/H9/H8
  • HIGH BEAMS: H11/H11B/H9/H8
  • FOG LIGHTS: H11/H11B/H9/H8
  • ADJUSTABLE: 360 degree adjustability


  • KELVIN RATING: 6000K (cool white)
  • LUMEN RATING: 3000lm (per bulb)
  • INPUT RANGE: 8-32V
  • CURRENT DRAW: 2A @ 12V
  • RATED LIFESPAN: 30,000 Hours