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NEW STANDARD: If you’re searching for a top-of-the-line HID replacement or HID fog light kit, this all-in-one system from Morimoto If you’re searching for a top-of-the-line HID replacement or HID fog light kit, this all-in-one system from XB ballasts, XB HID bulbs and relay wire harnesses is an insane value at this price.

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HID BALLASTS: Morimoto has sent us some great ballasts in the past, but the latest XBs are approaching perfection. Some small tweaks to the design and placement of the igniters in relation to the circuits have virtually eliminated radio interference as well as failures and misfires. If you like nice looking ballasts like we do, they’re also pretty sharp thanks to an industrial-edge design by California native Artur Saakyan.

5202 HID BULBS:These universal kits come with your choice of 3500K, 4500K, 5500K, or 6500K 5202 XB HID bulbs for the versatility to take on all different applications. The intense luminosity of these bulbs really shine when used as 5202 HID fog lights and can match the best in low and high beam performance. We tested these babies against industry benchmark Osram CBI bulbs at 5500K in our annual lux comparison test, and the Morimoto XB HIDs kept pace lumen for lumen. The color temperature was really accurate, too. We’ve seen the light, and so will you in the darkest driving conditions.

TROUBLE FREE: A quality wire harness is a critical element of a successful headlight system upgrade. If you have a weak harness that gives out while you’re on the road, it’s going to take your entire system down with it. Lucky for you, Morimoto makes some of the best on the market featuring mesh wrapped 14-gauge copper wiring, triple-sealed central relay packs, and over-molded fittings for OEM looks and durability. Installation is plug-n-play all the way.

CANBUS OPTION: If you’ve been installing lighting on all sorts of modes of transportation as long as we have, you know from time to time you need to find a smart solution to make a retrofit go right. Morimoto has done all the legwork on this one, offering an optional Standalone Canbus harness recommended for working on vehicles that show a “bulb out” warning when the headlights have been modified. Using a series of capacitors and resistors, it is able to trick the vehicle’s ECU into thinking factory settings haven’t changed. The result is lights out for unnecessary dashboard warning signals!

PRODUCT PROTECTION: Did we mention we also offer a 5-year warranty on all components* of the 5202/PSW24W HID replacement kit? Morimoto says it will last 2,500 hours, and that’s what we cover it for. What would you rather have? A “lifetime” warranty from a fly-by-night online dealer that doesn’t plan to be there when the product needs to be replaced, or a real guarantee from the leaders in high performance auto lighting?