HID Masters D3S HID 5000K bulb


HID Masters D3S HID 5000K bulb

Our HID replacement bulbs feature top of the line engineering at an affordable price point.

It's not everyday you have a team of highly elite engineers take a standard OEM product and reverse engineer it to create a new masterpiece. Our team took on a challenging task which was to redefine the lighting industry by creating a plug and play D series bulb that works on all factory ballasts. This took hundreds of hours of research and development, trial and error testing and over 3 years to bring you the best possible bulbs we could offer. Not only are these bulbs brighter, they also have a faster start up time than the traditional OEM bulbs. Our engineers have dialed these bulbs to be on average 60% brighter than most factory bulbs and in some cases up to 90% brighter. All our bulbs designed by our team of engineers have been extensively tested to make sure that they are compatible with all factory ballasts and have no error messages displayed on the vehicles. 


Sold in pairs with a 1 year warranty